El Camino

by - 7:39 AM

I remember watching an episode of Gossip Girl last winter when I've heard for the first time "Lonely boy". Not long after that they started playing it on every better radio station, and I thought who the hell is The Black Keys?

As it turned out my obsession with their latest album El Camino had started.
After "Lonely Boy", "Gold on the ceiling" was their next single out. And I went nuts about this song. 
Usually I don't listen to rock music, I'm more of a indie/singersong writter/pop/electro chick, but these two made me fall in love with their music. The radiate some kind of vintage, sexy, dark aura that overwhelms you and sucks in so you feel dazed. 
Some of their highlights from this album are "Dead and Gone", "Hell of a season" and "Nova Baby". I play this album while I cook, doing laundry, walking my dog and writing blog posts! Pure perfection.
I'll leave you with their sexy "Gold on the Ceiling" :

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