Friday Five

by - 6:36 AM

I know I'm few days late with my FF, but I was dealing with cold from Wednesday and I didn't feel like doing anything. But there are those five things that made my life a little bit better last week.

Honey - Saved my life (and voice) last week! Had tons of it in tea for the past few days and I feel it really helped. Although I'm not a big fan of honey (don't like the smell), lately I've been substituting sugar with honey in my tea and it's not that bad.
The Hunger Games - Somehow the whole buzz about this book passed me by last year, which is strange for a bookworm like me and ten days ago as I was waiting for some paperwork to be processed I stopped by in a bookstore, saw the whole trilogy for a reasonable price and decided to purchase it. Currently I'm half way through the second book and I can't put it down!
Vandini Sauna Body Peeling - My latest purchase in the beauty department. Smells like heaven (milk proteins and aloe vera), not to rough and leaves skin soft and glowing. Price was great also and I think I will definitely buy it again.
Yoga - I've been practicing yoga for over 4 years now and usually I make a pause in the summer due to the fact that I spent most of my summer on the coast and swim a lot and I start taking classes again in September, but this year a lot of thing happened in the Fall and I've started taking classes last Tuesday. All I can say is that I feel human again :D
Angry Birds Pig Toy - Newest addition to my dogs toy bog. It seems she hates him more than all of her other toys put together and you can see her growling, hitting and dragging this one at all times.

What had made your week better?

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