DIY: Simple Holiday Wreath

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Christmas extravaganza continues with today's tutorial on how to make a simple holiday wreath.

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1. For this wreath you will need one wreath base (I got a straw one), hot glue gun, 2 and a half inch wide and 6 feet long ribbon (I decided to go with red) and 1 inch wide and 4 feet long ribbon, off white tulle half a foot wide and 4 foot long and two styrofoam ornaments, in this case, two snowflakes. And pins. A lot of them.
2. Start this wreath by pinning tulle on wreath base. Just take a piece of tulle, sort of scrunch it and pin. The reason I used pins instead of hot glue is because it's easier to go a few steps back with your tulle if you don't like the result. And since they are small, you can hardly see them. This step takes a lot of time and patience, but in the end result is worth it.
3. This is your wreath with a half of tulle pinned. 
4. And you put your last pin in and admire your hard work.
5. Take that 1 inch ribbon and attach it. With this ribbon you'll attach your wreath to a door or wall.
6. Now take that 2 and a half inch ribbon and cut 2 feet of it. Then fold it in half, mark the center, sort of scrunch it in half and pin down.
7. With the rest of the ribbon make a nice big bow and hot glue it.
8. Take that two ornaments and glue them down. 

And there it is! Hand made holiday wreath that you'll be proud of.

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