DIY: Pom Pom Garland

by - 11:04 AM

+ thread and needle for garland

Take your fork and wool and start winding wool around fork. Do it until you feel satisfied with the thickness of wool on the fork. When you are satisfied, cut the wool, and cut another smaller part of it to tie the wool on the fork. Do it through the middle fork hole to make sure you got it through the middle and tie it firmly. Once you've done that, take your future-pompom-to-be off the fork and cut all the loops. Make sure you get them all, and then once your pom pom is all cut, trim the extra long parts of it to make it all nice and round and cute :)
When you've made a whole bunch of pom poms, take the needle and the thread and make a garland by pushing the needle through the middle of a pom pom. I've decided to go with the Christmasy red and off white wool but you can combine as many colors as you want.

Have fun!

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