Emerald Delight

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This year, color of the year is Emerald. It is a tone of green that is light and bright and was named after the gem. First mention of the name can be traced all the way back to 1598 in England.
Like all the greens, emerald enhances the sense of harmony, well being and balance. It is also calming, healing, sophisticatedregenerative, prosperous, it means life, growth and it is the color of money.
Emerald can range from yellow-green to blue-green, but its main component remains green.
Using any shade of green can have soothing and relaxing feel to it and it is perfect for usage in fresh, spring designs and when we want to present something as healthy, rich and powerful.
It goes well with brown, beige and tan which produces a natural look. Combined with orange, yellow, gray and purple give a more retro, but when combined only with purple gives vivid and vintage look.
I'm already inspired by this color and will definitely try to incorporate it in my home as well in my design which you can see in my emerald color scheme.
Here are some of the things I'd like to own in this color.

Inspiration for home:

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